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When Direct Mail Whups the Pants off Email

September 14th, 2015 Posted in Direct Mail, Fundraising
In 1984, Peggy and I launched a niche business — the newsletter and archive service on direct mail — Who’s Mailing What!

I still adore direct mail, while email bores the hell out of me.

[Check out the media player where the first image compares a Bill Jayme/Heikki Ratalahti envelope vs. my dreary inbox.]

What triggered this column was a simply spectacular direct mail package from the Danbury Mint. The offer:

A two-sided pendant necklace with diamonds on the front.

On the back were Peggy and my names personally engraved in gold with the message:





As you can see, in images two through four, personalization was everywhere:

  • Our names (Margaret and Denny) appeared 10 times each in the various elements.
  • The personalized pendant photograph with our engraved names appeared five times:
    • Outside carrier front
    • Outside carrier back (with name and address)
    • Carrier inside
    • Lift piece
    • Order form

Simply dazzling!

One other mailing that matches this for inventiveness (and cost!)—the American Express Platinum Card launch, 28 years ago.


Takeaways to Consider

  • Direct mail is tactile — not virtual.
  • You cannot click it out of your life. It must be handled.
  • You can use dazzling graphics and personalization.
  • If you are launching a new product or service, think long and hard about using off-the-page advertising or the Internet. These are public forums. Your product can be seen by Chinese thieves who replicate your offer and put you out of business in hours.

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