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I didn’t know it was possible to start a business

July 20th, 2015 Posted in Inspirational

Work Hard, Have Fun, Dream Big

If I could share any advice with my 22-year-old self, it would be very simple: Dream Bigger

Before you roll your eyes and decide that this is over-simplified advice, I want you to really think about it.

How many of you can honestly say you believed in yourself and your abilities so much that you foresaw your success at 22? Were you laser-focused on achieving greatness and motivated to be your best self every single day?

Some people are like this at 22, but I wasn’t.

When I was younger, I didn’t understand that people could start their own business. I didn’t understand how to channel creativity into something tangible. I didn’t know how to translate my people skills into a career I would be passionate about. At 22, I just didn’t get it. Since I did not know how these things were done, I could not understand how to make them happen. If I’d known I could do these things, I would have done them sooner. I had to experience several different fields – from TV to technology and a few odd jobs in between – before I finally hit my stride and developed the confidence to demand more responsibility and autonomy in my role. I did not set out knowing I wanted to start a business; I just knew I wanted more.

I invest in young people who dream big. Evan and Nick from Tipsy Elves left successful, high-paying careers to jump head first into the crazy world of Christmas sweaters. Ashley from Natural Grip pursued her vision wholeheartedly, making the first 150 pairs of grips from scraps in the trash at her husband’s office. They all dreamt big and made it happen with whatever they had. They taught themselves along the way and made a ton of mistakes, but they never would have tried without those initial dreams.

Work hard, have fun, dream big.

Robert Herjavec

My parents gave me the opportunity for a better life; the rest was up to me.

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