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E-Marketers! Think Like a Direct Mailer!

December 22nd, 2014 Posted in Email, Fundraising

E-commerce wizards believe direct mail is slow and cumbersome. It takes time to write, design, print, address, insert, pay postage and mail.

It is also expensive—currently 60¢ or more per piece.

Email offers take three minutes to write and send. Free.

What happens when a piece of direct mail goes to the wrong person?

  • You have just thrown 60¢ down the toilet.
  • The recipient is irritated at the nuisance of disposing of it.
  • You look like a jerk.

What happens when email goes to the wrong person?

  • You look like a jerk.

Example: We spent a weekend with friends and got into a deep discussion about writing and another about farting.

Sunday night from home I ordered two “thank you” book gifts from

  • Fart Proudly by Benjamin Franklin

[See the image in the media player at upper right.]

I received an email from Amazon with pictures of these two gift titles.

Amazon’s message: Please review these two books. Start by giving them one to five stars.

Amazon’s KCRM (Kiddie Customer Relationship Moron) did not comprehend these were gifts. Asking the donor to review the gift books he sent is preposterous.

Takeaways to Consider

  • Even though e-marketing is free, putting a KCRM in charge of customer contact can make you look like a world-class jerk.
  • Email addresses are not data. Each is a real person. Treat them accordingly.
  • Always ask yourself: Would I send this email if it cost me 60¢?

October 17, 2014
By Denny Hatch

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