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How to Face Fear and Inspire Courage

November 21st, 2012 Posted in Information

When managers display courage and perseverance, they inspire the same in their employees, says a leadership expert.

Dan Rockwell and Joe Tye, leadership consultants, recently shared on the blogLeadership Freak some methods managers can use to face their job-related fears—such as unexpected changes at an organization or financial concerns—and inspire courage in their workers. Advice includes:

  • Understand the relationship between courage and fear. ”Courage doesn’t eliminate fear, it answers it,” Rockwell says.
  • Openly acknowledge your fears. Sometimes simply acknowledging a fear can give you the courage to overcome it, Rockwell notes.
  • Turn fears into manageable problems. “Give fear a name and it becomes a problem,” Tye says. “It’s easier to solve problems than it is to conquer fear.”
  • Focus on certainties. ”People are not afraid of change, they are afraid of uncertainty,” Tye says. In times of uncertainty, for example, talk about things that are staying the same in your organization, he says.
  • Focus on purpose. Understand why your organization must move forward, past fear and uncertainty. “Facing uncertainty without purposes makes chickens of us all,” Tye says.

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