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Video Campaign Unlocks Campus Perks

September 20th, 2012 Posted in News and Updates, Social Media

The Student Success Office asked 18 upper-year University of Waterloo students what advice they would share with their first-year self if they could go back in time. Their ‘dear first year me’ video responses had everything from a Mission Impossible-style dash to class, a Dr. Seuss rhyme and a fourth-year ghost who goes back in time to save his first-year self from a studying dilemma.

The videos were also created as part of a challenge put to the incoming class. The task? Share, support and watch the videos to unlock a great prize during Orientation or Welcome Week. The Student Success Office partnered with the Federation of Students to offer three possible prizes: a hot fudge sundae bar at Orientation Week for 500 shares and views, a blockbuster movie showing on BMH green for 1,000 shares and views and the grand prize of a huge concert during the Federation of Students’ Welcome Week for 2,000 shares and views.

The Waterloo community did not disappoint and over the summer the videos reached over 3,691 unique views, 74 supports and 432 social media shares, a total of 4,197 interactions.

Students, staff, faculty and even the campuses sent in their dear first year me advice via twitter with the #dear1styrme hashtag:

A selection of "Dear First Year Me" tweets.

Kirsty Budd

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