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Do You Know Jack Tracksler?

February 18th, 2010 Posted in In The Spotlight

Jack Tracksler Head Shot
Jack Tracksler is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Connection Strategy. His career path through direct mail and email marketing have marked a great foundation for the automated phone call programs run at Connection Strategy. A communications major in college and work as a professional radio announcer, Vice President for Development and decades of sales experience give him unique abilities with which he serves his clients.

What makes Connection Strategy unique among Telemarketing Companies?

First of all, Connection Strategy is not a telemarketing company. Telemarketing is defined as selling something over the telephone. We help clients increase response rates, lower donor and member renewal costs and inform their constituency through automated phone calls. We view ourselves as a company that improves your marketing mix and reach to your donors and members. So, we are a marketing company that uses automated phone calls.

You mentioned Members and Donors. Do you only work with Non Profit Organizations?

We provide marketing assistance to all sorts of companies, across all channels. However, through partners like Brian Lacy and Associates, we feel our sweet spot is centered on non-profits. Almost everyone at Connection Strategy has been involved in automated phone calls since the industry began. I like to think we know more and have done more than any company working with non-profits. Our calls are crafted to increase response rates for both donor and membership renewal mailings. We help universities sell tickets to bowl games, collect tuition, connect with prospective students through innovative enrollment management programs.

Sounds interesting. How do you help with donor renewal?

We send out an automated phone call several days prior to a donor renewal mail piece arriving. The call says nice things about the donor and the organization. They feel good about themselves and open the letter when it arrives. Depending on the organization, we have increased response rates anywhere from 15% to 42%. One major university client credits our programs with them surpassing their renewal goals by 20%. This in a year when they were sure they would fall very short of their goal.

Does it work every time?

We have one client who is fond of saying, “the Connection Strategy program works every time”.

So, anything this good must be hard to implement, right?

Actually no. We need a file, with phone numbers, in any format that is convenient ; audio recorded ( we’ll help with the script and provide a toll free number for recording; a phone number to show in the Caller ID and the hours you’d like us to make the calls. That’s it. We’d like 3 days to set up the program, get audio approved and analyze the file – but have been known to do it in less time.

Then what happens?

We send out the calls. The day after the program is completed we send out two reports – one is a summary of the calls that were delivered to live answers and answering machines, bad numbers, etc. We also append call outcome to each record in the file in a Call Detail Report. This way the client has the opportunity track results and analyze the program accurately.

OK, is anything this good and this easy expensive?

No, again – sorry. Program costs are based on the number of calls we deliver either by the program or on an annual basis. Through our partner Brian Lacy and Associates ( 860-478-9291 / we are will conduct campaigns starting at just 10 cents a call.

What else do you offer?

You’re pretty much limited only by your imagination. We can do with voice what laser printers do with personalization and paragraph variations. We can deliver a call to one place and then transfer it to another. We can produce it in any language. Bring your ideas to us and we’ll work with you to design a marketing plan that works for you and integrates seamlessly.

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