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Do you Know Anderson Charters?

January 13th, 2010 Posted in Offbeat News

ANDERSON CHARTERS-CD-1Anderson has worked in journalism and publishing since 1978. He was a reporter for The Financial Post from 1978 to 1981. In 1982, Anderson and his wife, Susan, moved to a Orillia, where they started and published the Orillia Sun.  They sold it the Orillia Sun in 1989 but other publishing ventures followed.   In 2001 Anderson purchased the Canadian Donor’s Guide, an annual directory of Canadian charities. He used his publishing experience in the non-profit field to launch, 18 months ago, CharityCan, a website modeled on GuideStar.

Please give us more background on CharityCan.

After acquiring the Canadian Donor’s Guide, I was searching around for ways to take advantage of the Internet. I came across GuideStar and began to wonder if something similar could be developed in Canada that would give users access to detailed information on Canadian charities. CharityCan was developed – – where subscribers can search, sort, rank, analyse and compare all 85,000 registered charities in Canada using information these charities have submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency (the Canadian IRS). We have secured access to Noza philanthropic gift information so that CharityCan will be an even more powerful research service.

How does the Canadian Donor’s Guide differ from CharityCan?

The Canadian Donor’s Guide is a traditional media publication similar to the Yellow Pages.  It is an advertiser-driven publication with listings and display ads taken by Canadian charities. We have also been very fortunate the last few years to have a the Bank of Nova Scotia as Guide sponsor . It is a niche publication providing information in the planned giving space to professional advisors and attorneys. The Internet has given us the opportunity to publish a Digital Edition.  Your readers can view the Digital Edition at

How does Canadian philanthropy differ from American philanthropy?

Canadian philanthropy differs very little from American philanthropy.  However, as Canada’s population is one-tenth the size of the United States, many new trends and ideas take root in the U.S. before crossing the border. As well, per capita giving by Americans exceeds that of Canadians, by about two to one. Canadians give more than Europeans – it’s just that the U.S. leads the world in philanthropy. Notions of self reliance are more firmly rooted in America than in Canada. Historically, Canadians have accepted a greater role for government in the economy than Americans.  This may be changing.  Also higher church attendance is the U.S. is a factor in per capita giving statistics.

 Brian Lacy

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